Best-Performing Cities
Small Cities 2016

San Rafael, CA Metropolitan Division

Overall Rank: 3      Population: 261,220

San Rafael, California, ranks No. 3 on the small-cities index this year after debuting on the 2015 index of large cities at No. 23. San Rafael is experiencing spillover effects thanks to its status as a relatively low-cost part of the Bay Area. The local economy benefits from a highly educated workforce.

Metro's Performance in Each Index Component

Component 2016 Score/
5-yr Job Growth1           23  103.04 
1-yr Job Growth2           63  99.73 
5-yr Wages & Salaries Growth3           31  103.04 
1-yr Wages & Salaries Growth4           41  100.47 
Short-Term Job Growth5           37  101.24% 
5-yr Relative HT GDP Growth6           37  166.81 
1-yr Relative HT GDP Growth7           113.03 
High-Tech GDP LQ8           1.52 
# of HT GDP LQs Over 19           10  5.0 

2015-2016 Growth Comparison (by score)